Data collection mobile application

Collect data in the field with the Dataformz Android and iOS mobile app

Dataformz can be used offline in fully disconnected environments to collect data.

The data is stored on the device and is synced back to the cloud once you reach Wi-Fi or cellular coverage.

Everything you collect with Dataformz is automatically tagged with GPS coordinates, allowing you to see on a map where the data has been collected.

Data monitoring

Instantly visualize incoming data

Control the quality of the data captured in the field.
Export your data in csv or Excel format.


View data on a map. The data can be filtered by collector to ensure that the collection is performed in the assigned area

Analyze responses with automatic summaries

Graphics and response information are available in real time in Dataformz.

Integrated analytics platform

Make faster, more informed decisions from your data with interactive dashboards. Use filters to isolate and interactively analyze specific subsets of your data.


Explore your data, find hidden insights and relationships, and get answers to your questions.

Build visualizations simply and intuitively

Create powerful visualizations.

Dashboards that drive insight and action

Rapidly create dashboards that pull together charts, maps, and filters to display the full picture of your data.